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Covid lockdown diary

Updated: May 4, 2020

This is the diary of the lockdown by our learners and students – edited by Sizanani mentorship program

Day 0 (Thursday 26 March)

We went shopping with my Mom at Pan Africa mall. There were long queues outside the groceries shops. Only a certain number of people were allowed to enter, as they were implementing not more than 100 people strategy set by the government. But inside the shops, people were not giving each other space outside in the queues. (anonymous student)

Day 1 (Friday 27 March)

« My mother just passed away this Tuesday. She was sick for 3 days but had heart problems. The Coronavirus has impacted us in a negative way. The funeral home said they will send her body to our home in Eastern Cape when transportation is available. But it seems we cannot attend the funeral, because of travel bans. I lived with my mother only, but I have family my aunt, sister and aunt. I am very sad but have to be strong for the family ». (anonymous student)

« At Extension 9, few people are still roaming around the streets, still sitting in groups and children are still playing. This shows that they haven't started following the rules of the lockdown. The police are trying to help us and I believe it's at our best to also help them achieve the government goal for bitting this virus » (anonymous student)

« Soldiers arrived in Alex around 3 Pm. People were not all indoors because they wanted to see them. Nevertheless, they were chased away and fortunately they didn't have to use rubber bullets ? But I can assure you some have tasted the clap of a soldier» (Gr 12)

«They were told that this is just the start but when they find anyone in the street after 7pm they gonna be in trouble so they will probably start with rubber bullets and all in 8min. People from Alexandra are very disrespectful, I don't know if it is in all the townships (Bulelwa H, gr 20)

Day 2 (Saturday 28 of March)

When we heard about The Corona Virus, South Africans didn't take it seriously . Time went by ...and when we came to know that One South African citizen coming back from Italy was infected , the country started to panic. To be honest...I think that what our country had to do was to keep in isolation all those who travelled with the first person who tested positive. Maybe the virus would not have spread all over the country Each day , the number of cases increased... Some people were relaxef and others panicking😱 . Then the President decided to close the schools early. Some of the learners here at Alex relaxed but us, the matrics, we got very worried and started questioning our principles, and teachers. Days passed and the number of cases increased. Then the President decided to introduce the 21days lockdown. As the soldiers patroled in Alex, people disappeared from the streets. People of Alex think that the soldiers are here to chase them away but not to save them !

Kamogelo Mokhanya, Grade 12

pictures : V. Hirsch

Day 3 (Sunday 29 of March)

The lockdown has been detrimental to most of us,parents had to stop working, school closed. As the lockdown would help flatten the curve, I really feel like we have to obey and help the government . I think it's wise to take this time and reflect on life. I'm sure if we take these 21 days to learn something new ,something you didn't have time for this is the time you can use Primrose, grade 12

photo V.Hirsch

Day 4 (30 March)


Pulveriser of mankind,

Extinguisher of human race,

Born and bred in the lab to vandalize mother earth,

With your insipid manners and ill floating motives.

Threatening lifes you forced us to depend on surgical masks and gloves,

Our lifes rely on plastic and paper.

Trust is nothing but mere word of mouth in communities,

Once we cough or sneeze we repel, Aching throat eliminates us from your loved ones,

Due to incurable disease squashing man rapidly.

I've heard that covid-19 is your mission name,

Your identity is hidden like that one of an undercover agent,

And that you are neither discriminating, judging, choosy nor sexist,

You wreck everything that blocks your way,

From a president to a commoner you draw breath,

What a savage virus you are!

You may scrapple my soul for spewing the truth about you but I'll always be alive in my scrolls,

I truly doubt you'll pay me a visit as long as I breathe,

Because your cousin swine flu came nigh and like foam perished,

Without pointing a finger on me,

Ebola preceeded you and floated from north to south like spring clouds with a blink of an eye,

I wonder what you would do to coerce me to shake in my boots,

Because you and I don't fuse ,like a politician and the truth.

-Thabang Given Lechelele- Grade 11

Thabang with his mentor Bruce Alexander

Day 5 (31 March)


"Lockdown is nice but scary. It gets scary when police and soldiers arrive. It gets noisy and everyone becomes scared because of the treatment received when you are found roaming on the streets. I think the soldiers are on board with their response to people not complying. They are not abusing people but punishing them in a more lawful way. I feel like they are very patient, people here are hardheaded. It’s like they are showing off that they are not scared which is why they do not follow the rules. The police and soldiers are doing their job and I’m ok with what they are doing.

I feel like Alexandra people are ignorant about the virus. Their comments on the pandemic are just silly, as “This is not a black people disease, it only affect the ones with money, it’s for flyers and tourists, it’s only a Chinese disease therefore we are not prone to getting it, you guys with masks are exaggerating”. It is nice at the same time because I get to read, study, watch movies and spend time with my family. I also eat a lot which is a red flag on my health but I’m really enjoying it regardless"

Sthembile Thusi, a student living with her mum in Alex.

"The soldiers are somehow abusing their power because people in Alex live In one room. Imagine 6 people in a shack the whole day ....People who are less priviledged are not able to stay in their homes, not because they don't want to, but because they have no choice...people need space. Even if you are outside alone and not in a crowd, you get in trouble. Soldiers are making our lives hard. They hardly hit people in the suburbs.

The local stores are also not operating in my street. This is supposed to prevent the corona virus spread but now you can't even go out to buy bread".

Thulisile Tshabalala, student

"Grade 12 are affected as some of us don't know how to study on their own. We are being given work to do but some of us don't have phone nor data to get through.

Some of our parents are not working anymore and we don't have food to eat. Luckily, my older brother gave us some cash but this lockdown is affecting us so badly.

If some police finds tuck shops open, they ask for money and threaten to arrest them if they don't get it. Some people they don't have TV to watch news. They always stand outside to hear the news"

Anonymous Gr12

Day 6 (1st April)

CORONAVIRUS, A PIERCING TO OUR HEARTS. When I throw my eyes to the four cardinal points of our planet, I see shame, I see massacre and I see pain in the eyes of people, I see children wailing for their parents, You brought death in their families and left them having no one to look after them, They are left hopeless as you took their hope away from them, Our world has turned into a place of mortal terror, A place filled with the intrusion of various diseases, And a place where humanity is striked with unbearable challenges. OHH AFRICANS, What is to become of us? As I get deeper and deeper into my thoughts, Tears flowing down my cheecks, My heart being vulnerable to pain, Spirit torn into Uncountable pieces, Emotions shuttered, Due to this cure resisting pandemic. CORONAVIRUS, You came into our lives like you own them, You intruded them like you were invited, You led to our goals perishing, Our ambitions deminishing, And our hopes vanishing, Look at the pain that you caused on people, Who exactly do you want to be hankered by? What exactly is your intention with humanity? You've caused a lot of suffering it's enough! We cannot live in timidity forever, Please let your wrath epilogue, Feel for the unprivileged ones, Look at how you got us afflicted by poverty, For how long are you going to put us in this toughest situation? Preventing us from going to school, Preventing us from socializing, And preventing us from reaching the zenith of our goals. Your ego and eager for our lives got you being emphasized in the whole world, You took our lives and made them yours, You acquainted us with a spirit of fear, A spirit of persecution, And a spirit of suicidal thoughts, We are in panic not knowing what to expect from you, Please let your anger come to conclusion, We are still young-- We have dreams to pursue, We have situations to change, We still want to grow and experience the gift of life, We still want to see ourselves transforming from ordinary to extraordinary, Please feel pity for us, You've put us through sleepless nights, For our spirits are restless. AFRICANS, Let us hold hands together to fight this virus, Let us work together towards supporting those affected by this pandemic, Let us enhance the beauty of Ubuntu, Let us lift as we rise, And Africa will be safe! By MOKOENA MODIEHI, gr 11

Day 7 (2 April)


People don’t realise how important their lives are. The situation we are facing now is very painful. People don’t want to work together as a country, so that we can be able to stay safe and protected from this Corona Pandemic.

They are busy roaming on the streets, not adhering to the rules that were set by our president , not knowing the difficulties that our doctors are facing . Now we have to run away from the soldiers and police, hide in the corners while knowing that there is a small thing we can do to reduce this situation we are facing of Corona virus that is busy galloping the whole world.

People are dying each and everyday. Others are being infected and few are recovering from this Corona Pandemic. It feels like the world is going to its end.

We now can’t go to schools, our parents are hiding at home, not working. Some other families are struggling to put a bread on the table. There are no equipments for most families to protect themselves from this Covid-19.

It’s our obligation to work together as a counrty. We can’t consider this as a derisory thing. It’s a huge and painful problem that needs us to stand together to be able to prevent it from attacking. We also need to help the homeless people so that they can also be safe. If we are not working together , it will become a prolonged problem


Junita Molokomme -Grade 11c

from Kgomotso Cholo, grade 9

Day 8 (Friday 3rd April)


Corona virus, you are testing us

You are attacking us by surprise

You are putting us in a corner like a cat

You are not giving us a way to run

We are in tribulation because of you

But here's what we will do

We will stick together

We will fight you as you are not leaving us any choice

We will be patient

We will listen and be blessed

We will become stronger as you are our enemy

Because enemies make you stronger

Kgotso Tsoai, gr 10

Distribution of hand sanitizers in Alexandra (phto V Hirsch)

"As i heard about this virus at first, I thought It wouldn't take time to perish. But as days and weeks passed, it started to be more serious : I started trembling! As people died all over the world, I asked myself questions like what if it hits our country. Unfortunately it to did and increased rapidly. As the president announced that schools will be closed, i was really frustrated. What if I have to repeat my grade again next year ?. This is a really crucial moment for our country to comply ,follow rules and fight against this deadly virus. The saddest part is that my community (Alexandra township ) many people don't take this serious They think this virus won't affect them, it doesn't even exist or they are immune to it. Firstly poverty is striking this community, imagining that if this virus affect us here, while we also have poor health facilities : many people might die. MY FELLOW SOUTH AFRICANS COMMENCE NOW, IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO FOLLOW THE RULES AND COMPLY. Only prayer is the only solution that will help us save our country and the world as a whole. Nthabiseng Senyolo grade11.

Day 9 (Saturday 04 April)

Tsakelo Mchavi - gr 9

Where I live, soldiers are rare to be found around 9 am and 6 pm

So our tuck shops are usually open to buy anything that may needed at home

At home, I get to wake up, clean the house with my two older sisters

Then do the dishes

My oldest sister would take care of her little baby and my other sister would cook supper✨

It's fun sometimes because we get to dance together playing music

Watch movies and cartoons together and also help me study and revise my books✨

Even thou I miss school

This gives me a chance to bond with my family and start being creative like creating my own face mask

Philela Vikwa, grade 10

Day 10 (Sunday 05 April)

3 prayers poems for this Sunday

"Nkosi sikelela i-Afrka"

I cry out this prayer unto the Lord our God,

Covid-19 has already killed over thousands of our brothers and sisters in a blink of an eye...

Oh dear God! Please intrude as our leaders have taken a stand...

Implementing lockdown which reminds me of Isaiah 26 vs 20 which says "go my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you, hide yourself for a while until his wrath has passed by"

Lord we know we are sinners and you are punishing us for our sins

Yet we also know that you say in your word that you will never leave nor forsaken us ...

Protect planet earth oh Lord...

That is the prayer I render unto the Lord

I pray against covid-19, a sickness that has broke out to end the existence of life on earth

With so many cases reported daily that people are dying, I am surprised there are people who are ignorant, people who can follow one simple instruction "stay indoors " but no

They want to be outside

I appreciate how the soldiers along with the police handle the thick headed " squat(a) mfana", " dira di frog jump", "roll(a) ngok'shesha wena" , "shay'ama push-ups wena"

Non-violent solutions yet worth it

Covid-19 is a new disease that we need to pray against, and believe that our scientists will find its cure

Yingakho ngithi "nkosi sikelela i-Afrika"

Praise mlalazi -PRYZ da poet (grade 12)

photo - Praise

What is to become of the nation tomorrow?

Why has misery overcome our nation?

Hear us, as we call upon you, as we seek protection and guidance from you.

We are your children

Hear our cry, our tears running down our faces are about to blind us .

Protect us, lead us in a righteous path and give us life, hope and strength to fight this pandemic.

And help us to change our mindset to not take everything as a joke! And not not be quick to act

as haste makes waste.

We are scared, We've became intimidated by this coronavirus hence we've lost many innocent souls

Oh father!have mercy and may their souls rest in peace.

The coronavirus does not recognise anyone as a friend , it drenthes all equally.

We believe every cloud has a silver lining and that fortune favours the bold. Vindicate us from this pandemic as we fight this pandemic united we shall stand .

Life is like a shadow and a mist; it passes quickly and its no more .We are not ready to lose our loved ones and we say its enough

Lets all bring hands together and help one another .


Rose Makaepea – gr 12

Listen , just listen (the world is quiet)

Is the world really coming to an end , is humanity coming to an end.

The world is facing an enemy , an invisible enemy. A dangerous enemy that's able to destroy powerful countries down to their knees. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, is this my future , our future as the new generation living in a world that might never recover.

I closed my eyes for just a second and as I opened them , thousands of people have died and hundreds of thousands are infected due to this virus .

What is to happen to our generation , my generation is this the kind of stories I was supposed to tell them that humanity was about to come to an end

My people have had enough of this virus , I have cried for way too long and released a lot of tears to a point that don't have any tears left ,

Let us bring our pride and our guards but instead embrace the word *UBUNTU/BOTHO*

Those who are poor and rich also those who are young and old must come together, not physically but spiritually, to fight this enemy because departing ourselves from each other might bring us down even further and we might lose those we look up to

Kneel down and pray

Pray a simple pray such as

OUR FATHER ....................

And to the virus I'm sending this message directly to you :

I'm a fighter , I'm a warrior , I'm a leader , I'll keep on fighting for the sake of my elderly people because they are vulnerable.

Our Faith's will be made stronger in the presence of our saviour


Stay strong and believe in the one you serve

Keamogetswe Majake, Gr 11

Day 11 (Monday 06 April)


You acute and chronic virus

You are busy affecting our beautiful universe🌍

You end up having an effect on our world

Our people are tremulous

Our nation is in war with you

Because of you "so called" virus

People are sick , ending up causing uncalled deaths😷

People let us obey what we were being told by the law

Let's not flout the rules

Let's combine and work together

Let's fight to our very best

And we shall succeed




The township was offered with sanitizer by the company called MERIDIAN HYGiENE. I and my siblings have managed to make the the masks using a 2 litre bottle. We are looking forward complying with the lockdownrules as a family. Soldiers are seen during 9:00-16:00 people in the community they don't take the pandemic seriously to them the lockdown is holiday"

Hlanganani Thamiso Ndlovu, gr 10

Hlanganani with his mask

The brothers of Hlanganani with their home made masks

"My family and I have stayed indoors since the government ordered the lockdown. Okay, on the 31st of March, my grandfather went out to get his pension money but he didn't buy any groceries because the shops were full. So he decided, we will go shopping another day. He doesn't usually go to the shops alone because he can’t read well the grocery list. So I went with him to Alex mall, on Saturday.

We were in the line when it started raining. Since my grandfather is old, the others let us go in front. The security guards did not allowed me to go inside the shop. My grandfather tried explaining them he really needed but they sent us back home. In my opinion, i do not agree with the treatment we got at Alex Mall. So the lockdown is not a pleasant time for me and my family. Yesterday, we managed to buy groceries at Pan Africa.

Kgothatso Seoloana grade 11

Day 12 (Tuesday 07 April)


Coronavιrυѕ, yoυ caмe ιnтo oυr lιveѕ n conттolled тнeм 😔

Yoυ caмe ιnтo oυr lιveѕ and тooĸ away oυr нappy ever aғтerѕ

Yoυ caмe тo oυr world wιтн тнe ιnтenтιon тo ĸιll υѕ all 😵

And I gυeѕѕ yoυ aт a poιnт wнere yoυ are aвoυт тo ѕнoυт "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED🥳"

Bυт ιғ I were yoυ, I woυldn'т celeвraтe jυѕт yeт ...I тнιnĸ yoυ ĸnow тнιѕ ѕayιng "Don'т celeвraтe early вecaυѕe yoυ мay noт celeвraтe aт all "yoυ I тнιnĸ ιт ιѕ тalĸιng dιrecтly тo yoυ вecaυѕe yoυ are тнe one wнo ιѕ celeвraтιng тнe ғacт тнaт yoυ тooĸ away lιveѕ...

Bυт тнere are ѕтιll aѕ мany lιveѕ yoυ нaven'т тaĸen yeт and we are тнrιlled тo ѕee тнaт 🌿🥳

And we are тellιng yoυ тнaт yoυ are noт goιng тo тaĸe anyмore lιveѕ... вecaυѕe υѕ aѕ a coυnтry are goιng тo deғeaт yoυ aт wιn тнιѕ war 👊🏻✊🏻

We are тнe oneѕ wнo are goιng тo celeвraтe oυr vιcтory 🥳вecaυѕe we are тнe oneѕ wнo are goιng тo wιn and yoυ wιll loѕe and вow down тo υѕ....вecaυѕe we wιll тнen вe yoυr godѕ 👸🏼🤴🏻

Leт мe тell yoυ one тнιng 😇...

Yoυ are never goιng тo wιn вecaυѕe we a coмвιned and ѕтrong coυnтry aт тнaт and we нave a ѕayιng тнaт ιѕ "ALL FOR ONE , AND ONE FOR ALL 👊🏻✊🏻"

And we wιll wιn тнιѕ war вecaυѕe we are a naтιon , a raιnвow naтιon 🌈🌈and we ѕтιcĸ тogeтнer тнroυgн тнιcĸ and тнιn 🤝🏻and we ғιgнт ғor wнaт ιѕ rιgнтғυlly oυrѕ ✊🏻


Nwabisa Angel Dyani, grade 9

Corona Disappears

I watched you while you ended people's lives,

Reasearched about you and even watched the news to know more about you,

You came from a different world and landed in our world.

You started in China,

Murdered thousands and thousands,

Left people in pain,

Pain that they already lost hope of overcoming it,

People are self shackled because of you,

Scared,tormented and frail they are.

No one has ever seen you and no one even knew you were coming,

You end lives like you are switching off light in the drive way,

You find killing fun and enjoyable,

So sad

Corona disappears

From China you attacked other countries,

By the look of things, I'm guessing that you are going for other countries as well.

Every day, every second and every second,

Tears are pouring down,

Hearts are broken,

Hope is lost and even destroyed,

We heard you attack the lungs and move to other organs,

Turn people into zombies, because zombies do not have organs

And end their lives after making them suffer,

Snap!! Thats how fast you murder them.

You are faster and more dangerous, we know

But one thing we also know is that you will disappear faster than an eye could blink,

The world in which you came out of, is the very same one you will go back to

I am not a prophet, but i am a believer and i know God has a plan

You rein of killing will come to an end,

If you still think that you will feed with people,

You got it all wrong.

People are not part of your big feast,

That you can have as many as you want,

That is because we are covered in the blood of our only true King

We are scared, Yes,

But we also know that you will perish as you dont have eternal life.

At the end corona will disappear

There's only one tiny problem,

People are broken and they are losing hope in God,

People are stopping to pray, thinking that he is not watching,

They don't believe in him anymore, and,

It is because of the pain they encountered,

The deaths they heard about witnessed,

The tears that came out of their eyes,

Oh yes, thats why,

But he is always here and always will be here.

We just need to believe and pray that this will end,

As he will destroy the corona virus

We need to have faith and believe he is stronger and bigger than the corona virus

As corona will disappear

Corona will disappear

Pro Khosa - gr 12

Photo V.Hirsch

Day 13 (Wednesday 08 April)

IGNORANCE AND POVERTY plays great role in Alexandra township. It is only when people stopped from going to work that a lot of them started to be concerned about coronavirus (what will they eat ?) .

Fake news has filled people's hearts with hopelessness. People are now scared that the 5G has something to do with COVID-19. People are also spreading lies about vaccines being used to infect people with the virus. The great thing that can be done is to shut off every negative reports from the outside world and fill our hearts and minds with positive things, like motivational videos and that nothing is impossible with God.

At first it was hard to adjust my life in this new situation this is what I learned

*When you are no longer able to change the world around you, the challenge is to change yourself.

The pandemic has brought me and my family so close that we share everything together. Unity has become our value.

*When things become scarse, you see their importance and start using them wisely.

*Little things matter : if you can't do little things right, you will never be able to do the big things right.

Kgothatso Lehong, grade 10

photo V Hirsch

First time, I heard of this virus, I didn't take it seriously. When I saw memes on Social media about it, I took it as a joke and laugh. When it striked our country, I thought it was a virus for only rich people because of some stupid reasons . Unfortunately it caught the most overcrowded place in my community (Alexandra) which is Stjwetla . I started to tremble because it was close to where I live. When the President announced the lockdown my emotions shuttered because schools have to be closed and studying alone was something I can't do but I had to learn to do it with the help of my mom . The saddest part in all of this is that my fellows in my community are ignorant , they are not obeying the rules, instead they are wandering the streets of Alexandra leisurely like nothing is wrong . They are overcrowded at Malls each and every day to buy groceries and fail to follow simple a simple rule ' : Stay at home' Nokwazi Ndwandwe - Grade 10

Sanele Moyo (gr 10) made her own mask with fabric

"People take this 21days as a time to bond with your family and try some new things , discover your talent and what you are good at while scientist try their best to find a cure".

Day 14 (Thursday 09 April)














Last year in March ,the holidays for me was just a period where I thought it was a chance to relax and not touch my books at all. And that did no good to me because term two was very short and the teachers moved very fast on chapters just to make enough time for us to study for the June exams .As soon as the Term two exams approached,I didn't have much time to study . I would study the day before the exam ,and that had a bad impact on my results. DURING THE LOCKDOWN This lockdown is an opportunity for me to study because I have enough time to get help from my friends via whatsapp and email where is required and get more knowledge. I have been writing some notes to help me understand the main points of what I study ...All thanks to miss Melanie for sending some examples on how to write our notes all colourful and in such a way that one could understand

Nyeleti Baloi, gr 11

Grade 11A

Day 15 (Friday 10 April - Good Friday)

"We follow the rule of staying indoors. The lockdown is not that complicated, but the people of our township don't follow the rule of staying indoors. Seems like the enjoy being chased by the soldiers. I only manage to study at night and so far everything is going well. I do follow the programs but the man who was teaching accounting last night was a bit fast but I managed to pick up a few hints. I joined 3 study WhatsApp groups (Accounting, Business and Isizulu. ) one of our tutor is Innocentia, she was part of the program last year. The groups are helpful"

Mbongeleni Mbanjwa grade 12

Annah, Mbongeleni, and their mentor Christel Laouchez


"We try by all means to stay at home but its not easy. We sometimes need to go to buy food at the tuck shop but, if that's not the reason, we remain indoors. I was able to some research regarding school work and also on my career choice, computer sciences. I am also on the WhatsApp group that Sizanani provided for gr 12 interreted to study IT. I was able to get answers as I wanted to know more about the career and if its right for me or not. And the fee put me at ease. I was able to talk to students studying IT and one who was a software engineer by profession. I also watch the educational programs and listen to the radio programs. They are very helpful and easy to understand. I just struggle to manage my school work and get up-to-date with the work. Most of the time, I study at night when it’s quite. I always fall asleep, causing me to procrastinate but I promise I will find a way to discipline myself and work towards my goals as I have all these opportunities that other children don't get. I have to work hard and achieve my goals.

Annah Moshibudi Rakoma, gr 12

Day 16 (Saturday 11 April)

I have managed to make four masks using 2 shweshwe material and 1 soft material which

Is red in colour and they are comfortable to wear looking forward making lots of masks

Hlangana Ndlovu, gr 10 (

"I don't even know what day of lockdown it is because, I am part of the essential workers. I work in a lab that provides services for diagnostic laboratories. I'm an intern. Our company acted swiftly on the this matter. After the first presidential speech, they decided that we will work in two groups, team A and B. This meant that these teams will work alternative days, and there will be no contact. This was to minimize the effect of this virus. THE problem is, I'm working 12 hours, 3 days a week, and this is exhausting and not safe. I have to leave my place at 5:30 and walk to work. Now as streets are empty, I'm always looking back to see if anyone is following me. Pretoria is known for human trafficking, it is terrifying for me because I don't feel safe. I leave work around 7 p.m. and that's when it's really scary. I now spend extra money on Taxify, just to be safe. Yesterday I left work at 7 and the Taxify driver took a long time and did not come. So I had to walk home, around 7:30. I took long routes where I knew there would be a few people outside. As I was walking, a car passed by and stopped, the guy in the car asked me to get in and I refused. He was persistent and I picked up my pace. As the guy saw two securities for a nearby flat staring, he left and I was relieved. I tried calling one of my family members, so that if anything happens, they would know. I avoided walking on the pavement because it was dark. I saw again the same car following me and I walked on the pavement, I made a voice note to my friend telling her that I was being followed but I didn't have network. I was panicking, I tried calling, nothing happened. I ran, and finally got to a street where there were two guys and one car was coming a building. I went inside, as if I was living there. The car that was following me picked up speed, until they saw that there were people in that street and decided to leave after a few minutes. After 10 minutes I went out and ran home. I was shaking with fear. I'm sure essential workers are experiencing the same things out there, since there are no people outside and criminals are taking their chances.

Fikile Tunzi, student

Day 17 (Sunday 12 of April-Easter)

Thulisele Tshabalalas student

« I was born and raised in a small township around Johannesburg, on 10 June 2002. I'm doing grade 12 at realogile High school. As you all know that Alex is one of the biggest townships in SA, a township full of challenges, negative temptations and no culture, I am currently living with my mom and my 5 siblings due to loosing my father after a short illness.

As we all know Alex is one of the underprivileged townships in JHB, with high rates of unemployment, poverty where you find a family with many siblings and one bread winner. In general, surviving in Alexandra is not easy for anyone. From experience being one of the children raised in an underprivileged home, I personally know the struggles faced on a daily to monthly basis.

I immediately got a scare after hearing about lockdown. I am aware it is for the good of our health but I then wondered how the poor families are going to survive through this. I started contacting feeding schemes and people that are can assist with groceries. It was not easy but i then finally got help from « Rays of hope », who where giving food parcels to families. I asked if I could register families that are in need and are unable to reach the NGO. I was happy to have played a role in feeding theses families through Rays of Hope and I'm still willing to assist more families even to volunteer for helping hand to grocery feeding organization"

Nthabiseng Mabe, gr 12

Nthabiseng Mabe

Day 18 (Monday 13 April - Family day)

Johannes Malemela

THE IMPORTANCE OF essential WORKERS AND MENTORS Life without mentor was perplexing . I was lacking self confidence . I didn't know about the career that I wanted to partake in, the qualifications needed to be in varsity. I didn't know what to do with my life after matric .... My only focus was to finish school without knowing that life after matric its a disaster if you have an unplanned life .. Life after having mentor I felt like things changed drastically.. Pravesh really helped me in career choice and we analysed my abilities,my strengths, my weaknesses. It was like, I was day dreaming as I experienced many things. His advice's regarding academics helped a lot. I really appreciate the differences the mentors that they do in our lives... I hope y'all have mentors. Yuh can see the initiative that the MENTORS take to provide for us with effecting information and making an effort of making sure that our grades are much pretty impressing by taking us to educational trips💢.. I just wanted to thank Sizanani mentors for doing whatever they doing for us The essential workers This pandemic its our everyday breakfast , lunch and supper. But we mustn't forget people like our mentors and people like FIKILE TUNZI make initiatives to fight this pandemic by providing the sanitisers and food parcels that we need during this hard time of the year.... It doesn't mean this essential workers are not afraid of the pandemic. They do a wonderful job while we stay at home, so that we can fight this pandemic. Let's all stand together South Africans : please stay indoors and let's wait for the president to relieve us... I would like to thanks the essential workers for doing the great job, by prohibiting the stress of not knowing what to eat during the lockdown period and also our fellow mentor by donating their money for us to purchase the needs during the lockdown. Johannes Malemela grade 11

Oratile Jonas

I was watching Geleza Nathi this morning at 05:00 and I enjoyed it. You learn things that my math teacher said we were going to learn in the second term...I also watched Sabc 3 for grade 10 Mathematics....😬😬

I just really miss school😭😔😔 yes I do love spending time with my family but I think I've had enough of it. On my street, people are playing hide and seek with the police its like and no one wears their protective gear

Oratile Jonas, grade 10

Day 19 (Tuesday 14 of April)

Hope Mavasa grade 9

Coronavirus came to South Africa to destroy us and we can defeat it only if we can follow all the instructions we should follow. We should be strong and we should be one nation and let's stick together for this varus we can fight 👊this varus NKOSI SIKELELA I AFRICA GOD BLESS SOUTH AFRICA 🙏🙏🙏.

Asemahle Mayaphi gr 10

Day 20 - Wednesday 15 of April

My grandmother is one of the people who work at scrapyard that collects trash, to make money. So in this lockdown she has not been able to do that. She ran out of food. Thank you so much for helping her. She was very happy and she sends her gratitude the helpers who helped her. We hade no hope but you restored it . We thank you as a family Aphiwe Zamatyala, student (Aphiwe's gogo is among the 18 beneficiaries who received cash donation from Sizanani mentors and friends, as they were in urgent need of food)

"The first day I arrived in the township of Alexandra in Johannesburg, I could not imagine how life would be. I did not want to stay there permanently. I was not used to living in such an overcrowded place. I think that is what most people imagine townships in Johannesburg to be like.

It is no secret that life in these townships is often dangerous. The news about traumatic activities that take place in the township are always written in the newspaper each week. Sometimes I would struggle to believe that those things exist in the community I live in. None of them were lies; they are all shocking truth. It was clear the place I call my community, my home was not a safest place to live in.

The township was portrayed as a place that has numerous criminals and rapists. It was also portrayed as a place where young people usually start smoking and drinking alcohol at a young age.

The first day I went to my new school, I wondered if I would ever meet good friends who would be different from how most of the young people in this township are portrayed. I chose to not judge a book by its cover. I expected the school to have many learners because it’s a high school, however it was intimidating. I felt more comfortable around my classmates than strangers. Sometimes there were fights among learners at school which felt uncomfortable because I do not like violence. There were learners who were smoking at a very young age because of peer pressure.

However, we cannot paint all people with the same brush. There is always a two sides to one story. Most of people I met in the township were friendly, hardworking and trustworthy. I was not a highly motivated person until I came to live in the township. I met learners who were really determined about their future. It inspired me to become a better person. It helped me to be more open-minded and to dream bigger. When I was living in a rural area, I was only dreaming about following other people’s paths, which could have limited my potential.

Furthermore I can say that a life in a township is meant for hardworking people. There are so many responsibilities because I, and other young people, often stay with parents or relatives who spend most of the time at work. As an older young man/woman, you would be expected to do the home chores, take care of your siblings etc. Some people might see this as a disadvantage but I see it as motivation to work harder in life. It teaches one to become more responsible. However, some would choose to spend their time doing wrong things while their parents were at work. I have witnessed many young people spending their precious time at the spaza shops usually smoking.

Nevertheless, I believe that a life in a township can be positive. Many people do not focus on what others are doing because there are so many people and you can’t know all of them. The residents stand up for one another: I have witnessed residents gathered together to stop abuse and crime in the township. It is powerful and I was a amazed by that. Residents speak different languages and have different cultures but they are able to get along. This is my community. This is my home"

Jeffrey Modiba, student (text published on FunDza -

Day 21 - Thursday 16 of April

"I think the situation is becoming tense, people ain't following the rules now they are going out and that would cause increase in the virus. I think the extend of the lockdown is the problem. We are losing hope,this pandemic doesn't show any progress and that is killing us slowly, it's even killing our hope.

Even for us, the student, it's hard to study. We are stressed. What if this doesn't end ? What if we won't be able to go back to school ? That feeling makes us not to be able to study. We have thoughtful like what if I study then this thing doesn't end ? This thing is very affecting us to much,mostly emotional💔

Awonke Dzadzeka, grade 12


"There are no soldiers nor police patrolling. People go to stores whenever they want to as if there is no restricted movement. The difficulties we are facing as a community is that there is no water supply, so we have to buy water with the little we have, and the shopping centre are still packed till today. There are still long queues. But I am home most of the time, so i dont really know much about other activities".


Day 22 - Friday 17 April

"A couple of days before the lockdown started, my mother decided to send us to Limpopo. I gladly left Alex. I took my books with me and 2 schoolbags so that I could study. Ever since the lockdown was implented, Alex has been trending on Social Media. Its basically the center of the lockdown. I'm in one of the Limpopo villages and I must say that the lockdown is being half implented. People are walking around freely. The liquor and fast food places have been shut down. However, children are still playing outside and adults are not doing anything about. My granny and I went to the shopping complex the other day and they only allowed her to enter as she's an elderly woman.

Life in my village seems almost normal. Only a few people are wearing masks. The drivers don't even wear masks. They only wear them when they see the officials. It is quite sad but I'm happy because no one has been tested positive. The nurses have been around to check up on us which is good.

Anonymous, gr 12

I have never been so sad in my life.

"CORONA VIRUS you brought tears and pain in our lives" It is hard to deal with this difficulty. We, matriculants, are worried about what we gonnah do after 2020 : we will repeat next year or ??.

We study but it's a bit difficult to do some topics without a teacher's explanations.

I pray and hope that this comes to an end so that we can live in peace in our Land. "JESUS OUR Saviour, please protect your Nation be with us in this hard time."


Day 23 - 18 April

"I wrote this after seeing my neighbour was fighting his wife yesterday over a small mistake "

The least of some time we have spent so far in this shelter of ours with everyone in the house leads to my mother being a rotten creature with scratches and bruises , in evidence of the punches she gets from my dad 😰.

Just a bit background of how this violence evoked .

Dad never got to spend time with everyone in the house, he is just not used to the environment. What he knows of is what we call , “indoda iya phanda ” -a man hustles (bread winner ), he is used to waking up in the morning to do something and this lockdown really locked him up in a cage indeed . As a result , he takes off his anger on top of my mother . He turned to be so sensitive and alert, he notices every small mistakes my mother does in the house, and he shouts at her 😰 , sometimes not shout but strikes her. He has turned into a snake in a bears coat.

I never got to see this side of him, honestly , but this really shows how tragic this lockdown has affected him, and how it blind folded him, not to even see the consequences of his doing .

“Isililo Sika ma hits me deep inside “, hearing my mother cry really breaks me, I don’t wanna lie . I try to be strong , and as a learner, who still needs to find ways on how to make it in this academic year,I loose focus, I can’t study , and this home situation just makes me feel hopeless .

I can’t ! I just can’t watch all this happen. I feel like poisoning him, for making my mom sleep in a bath of tears every night, making her to wake up with doubts and fears . He planted a seed of hatred in me ......

That’s what lockdown had turned him to be in a nutshell, there's a lot to tell an describe . -My father

Covid 19 pandemic lockdown , will be the death of my mother .

A prominent grave to her kids.

6 fit under , a gold that will never be mined /

A seed that will never be harvested /

Alert !

Lockdown comes with a high rate of Domestic violence as well as gender violence in our country.

# stopthewar .


⁃ State should try to strengthen the publications of call numbers and offices ,where such cases can be reported , district by district .

⁃ Practice respect .

⁃ Stopthewar

Anonymous (gr 12)

No condition is permanent

Hope is the only weapon that's left to fight COVID-19 , but our people seem to have lost it all. In Alexn most do not comply with rules, instead they are all over living their normal lives , they are not shaken by the virus .T his shall pass as long as we work together against it , remember God cannot give you a battle that you cannot overcome .

To us matrics , we were not supposed to take even a day away from school because we felt like it will temper with our future. But the situation is too demanding and we have to keep up with our work .The question that everyone is asking themselves is that “What if this doesn't end ? " “Am I going to do the same grade next year ?" Remember no condition is permanent and there won't be a need for you to do the same grade next year as long as you shame Covid-19 and study. I've also lost hope but I've never lost faith and I believe that I will go back to school and write and pass despite the situation

And peers I know you have it in you please study and together we will make it .

Shelton MPala Grade 12 ( Minerva)

Day 24 - Sunday 19 April

I went to the police station to certify my documents. The streets were full of people, like if nothing is happening. Maybe people don't realise what damage has this virus caused to the country. At the police station, I found a crowd of policemen chatting and laughing. There was no meter between them.

I realised the reason why people are in the streets because no one is leading them to do the right thing, as even the policemen are falling to do it . At the station, people were in the queue waiting. You could tell that they are hungry and tired. What was painful is to see old people been kicked out of the police station to join a queue. People are suffering because of this pandemic.

i am also scared that my future will be vanished because of this corona virus. I study in fear, not knowing when this will this stop. It's hard to start a chapter alone because you end up doing one subject the whole week.

Anonymous gr 12

Lockdown has been treating us like prisoners. But somehow it's good because we don't want to remain in our homes and obey rules. I mean if we keep on moving and moving, it keeps on increasing and increasing and it's not safe at all. Corona is a serious thing. Its attacks the poor and the rich , the black and the white, tall or short , dark skinned or yellow skinned , young or old, all of us. It really does not matter how you wanna live your life but now at least, let's try and obey everything. It all started with a touch that caused the world millions and millions but now with a stay those,

millions and millions can recount and remain. Save the world and yourself. Stay at home. Stay safe

Anonymous Gr 10

Day 25 - Monday 20th of April

After the University of Johannesburg canceled classes, I didn't waste time. I didn't even go to Alex, where my mom and younger brother are. I just packed my bags and went to Mpumalanga because there's fresh air, everything is chilled and there's less chances of being infected with Corona. In Alex we live in congested areas so it's not safe The lockdown has affected me dramatically. I spend most of my time indoors which I'm not used to. Most of my plans are now on hold, like pursuing my photography business but most importantly my academics. I find studying online challenging as I don't have enough money to buy data. I really wanna go back to residence where we have free wifi. Now, I'm in a rural area. It is boring because I'm alone and I like interacting with people. Here most people don't respect the lockdown. There are no soldiers walking around and some people don't really believe that Corona is real😏 Brillant Mathebula, student

"People aren't treated well at the shelters in Pretoria. I bumped into some guy on the streets asking for food and when I asked him why he was still asking for food on the streets, he said they only get 2 slices of bread for breakfast at the shelter and only get dinner if there has been a church donation. It's really sad what is being done to people who are already vulnerable 💔

Hope Kuape, student

Day 26 - Tuesday 21 th of April

"Started as a thought that it's not real 🤔fantasy took place... And I thought everything would be over just with a blink of an eye 😓...

Mother earth, what have we truly done? To go through such "tragedy" or could say "misery".. To watch our lives being turned upside down by a voiceless virus 😓...

Here's what's happening .. Am a learner doing her last year of high school... I've waited for this year all my life and promised myself to enjoy every second of it, but turns out, I was wrong... I last walked out of my school gate on the 16th of March... LONG STORY SHORT.. Home schooling is not easy 😓we thought we could cope and we appreciate our teachers efforts,but I guess we just have to stay strong and have hope..

Seeing families struggle with food, money, cosmetics and other things breaks my heart, but I guess there's nothing we can do but to hope for the best 😓😯...

Then the most shocking thing ever happened,.... Reality kicked in, it was around 3p.m when we found out that my sister who is an essential worker has tested positive 😪🥺I mean how did it happen? why so fast? I never thought it would affect my life like this,and to find out that my whole family has to be tested for our sake literally broke my heart.... "THE SUN HAS GONE, THE MIST HAD COME WE'VE ALL LOST OUR WAY HOME".....

ALL AM TRYING TO SAY IS: people have to be extra careful and staying hygienic ❤️.. A LEARNER AT A.H.S FROM ALEXANDRA ❤️TAKE CARE

grade 12 (anonymous)

Day 27 (Wed. 22nd of April)

"The benefits of homeschooling become more widely appreciated. At first, i didn't take this homeschooling/online learning serious. But now, I am positive because a positive attitude about online learning is the best gift you can give to yourself. Everything you learn whether it's your most favorite or least favorite subject will help you to grow as a person.

I will like to thank Mr Murewa for helping me with Business Studies and Economics live in the ZOOM app and the Teachers in my school. ☺️

Koketso Shadung (12 B)

What the learners used during lockdown

TV & Radios (list not exhaustive)


2. Lessons on Mindset (channel 319) very helpful as it explains a lot and it feels like am in an actual class.

3. Ukhozi fm SISONKE DRIVE 15:00 and STHAKELISIZWE nezemfundo 21:00 radio shows 91.5

Group chat

-The programme 100K2V(1000 to varsity) is useful they provide lessons from 09:00-18:00,they have tutors and mentors

-Maths education tutors via WhatsApp -Alex high from 10:00-12:00 daily

Applications and online prog

1. E-school and siyavula

2. "Grade 12 Mobile app"

3 YouTube

4. vodacom online program(e-school


1 Ikusasa :Mr Murewa lessons are helpful

2 Mitsvah (gr 12) :our teachers send us questions to work on and correct us.

3 Minerva : our teachers from school have greated group for different subjects -my Life orientation teacher sent an Assignment to submit when we reopen

4 Kwa- Bhekilanga school group

And Sizanani tutors !

Day 28 (Thursday 23rd of April)

# She's being Abused through this difficult time

She's afraid of getting out of her house because she might catch this virus and infect her own young ones, but she's also afraid of a place where there's fire.

He's fuming , he's got that fire inside him that's too dangerous he can't control it but it's controlling him. Each and every day , 24/7, he releases that anger by getting physical towards her and she ends up being a useless punching bag that needs to be in the bin 😪. Her rights are shattered into thousand pieces that can't be mended together. Her right to freedom is no longer visible to a point that she no longer knows the meaning of the word Freedom.

She's got bruises that tell her story, scars that run deeper than the ocean and there's no make up on Earth that can hide them.

What about those children who live in one room or even in a shack, that's Alexandra for you, a place of rats, a place called Gomorah, a place where they can't hide but get exposed to what's being done to their mothers.

Boys end up taking those genes , that anger from their fathers, #is she next, Girls don't want to experience the same things that their mothers experienced , some commit suicide and some commit murder, is it self defence or is her history reminding her where she came from, a place of fire. She's got that hatred towards Gender based violence to a point that she's willing to kill in order for her to feel safe.

Even through tough times, man can't just hold their partners and make them feel protected, secure but instead they feel terrified

When are they going to emerge that woman have the same equality as man.

South African woman , mothers of this nation, mothers who gave birth to handsome sons but end up being animals. I'm sorry that you had,that you are going, you might go through this 🙏🏽

To those men who have a mindset that a woman is a slave and she shall do as he commands , who think that they own woman and they can do anything with them

" Your days are numbered "

#enough is enough

#not through this pandemic and no more

Keamogetswe Majake, gr 11

Day 29 - Friday 24th of April

Coronavirus now called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 was first identified amid an outbreak of respiratory symptoms and fever on an average of about 5-6 days after infection. It is best for us to to comply with the lockdown rules, so we can keep healthy.

Well before the lockdown started, I came to visit my bro. The neighborhood here is obeying the rules.Though ever since the lockdown was implemented, Alexander is the one township that has been trending on social medias. It is so very sad to see a township which I'm based on trending for not complying with the lockdown rules.

Anyways researchers are well on their way to discovering treatments for the virus.We can just help them by kneeling down,and pray.Until then we should keep on staying indoors,as responsible citizens. And always when going out for essentials, social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing are pretty much the only way to stay healthy at all times. Together we can fight this 💞💞

Kabelo Masenya, gr 10

Eastbank high school📚📖

Day 30 (Saturday 25 th of April)

Day 31 - Sunday 26 of April


Sizanani mentors have done cash donations of R 400 to 34 families of migrants from Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other countries (as many of them do not have bank accounts). Thecan't get any financial help from the government and have also difficulties to get food donations. 24 families were selected by the 2019 matric Sthembile Thusi :

"They were so grateful and appreciative. One of the moments that got me sympathizing and feeling like crying was when one family even opened their fridge for me. All I saw in the fridge was 1 tin fish, a bottle of water and tomato sauce. The father went on saying,”It is our last tin fish for my child and we are busy cooking the last part of mealie meal(pap). I honestly do not know how to thank you”. Mind you he was crying and that got me feeling super emotional as well. It is so sad that foreigners are not considered when food parcels are donated. The government claims that no one will get hungry in this lockdown pandemic yet when they donate they want ID numbers to show if you are a citizen or not. All South Africans get access to this food but what about foreigners?, those who are also part of us and were forbidden to go back home by closing borders due to this COVID-19 scandal. It’s not fair".

Day 32 - Monday 27 th of April (human rights day)

Today, many families of Sizanani's learners, students and some of their neighbours received food parcels from Rays of hope, sponsored by Sizanani mentors & friends

My Name is Samkelisiwe Mabaso, parent to Thabang Mabaso. I am a domestic worker and feeding 3 mouths plus mine at home, we are struggling because i do not know if i am going to get payed or at least a compensation from my boss to push for this month. I don't know when will i return to work. All thanks to Rays of Hope and miss Valerie who help me to register for food. They have made me to have hope again, as i am trying to help my son to get educated and he can change the situation at home. The environment is not that great but we are trying to do our best.

Alexandra called (GOMORA) nowadays is a township that faces many challenges like during this Lockdown, to have sufficient food while you are not working is hard but thanks to the organisations like Rays of hope for being there for Alex, and Miss Valerie for not losing hope for Alex as she believes that change can still be done🙏🙏☺

student Thabang Mabaso’s mum (picture)

" The grocery arrived at the perfect time as it was very much needed. My mother Nontsikelelo Hlonyane had these words to say, "Please Thank Ms Valerie for me as well as the Sizanani people and Rays of Hope. The grocery they provided us will help us out a great deal. We had just even run out of food, it was like God sent them at the right time. I hope God blesses them in abundance. Thank you so much. " sudnt Ayabuelela Pinana mum (She works for the CWP and during this lockdown period she has not yet received any money from them."

Day 33 Tuesday 28th April

Freedom Day

I don't even know where

to start

Because I don't even know where

it all started

But I know blood was shed,

Lives were taken

For us to be finally free

By Free

I don't mean the right to

do the unnecessary

But the right to discover who we are,

What we want,

And the opportunity to

do what is right

Yes it is Freedom Day Indeed

But what is Freedom without


Because we are sitting

at home

Sober but drunk of boredom

What do we call Freedom Day,

Without Freedom

Isn't Freedom Day a Day,

We all shall remember how

Free we are?

Albert Camus once said

“ Freedom is nothing but

a chance to be better "

But how can we be better

While we are prisoners

In our own homes 💔


Has taken over our world

And took innocent lives

And shuttered our emotions ,

It led to our Goals perishing,

And it vanished our hopes


“Let Us Stand Together,

Obey The Rules,

Stop Being Ignorant,

And Fight For Our Freedom

Together We Can Fight This"

No Condition Is Permanent♥✨

Nokwazi Ndwandwe, gr 10

Day 34- Wednesday 29 of April

A video done by Laila Salani (gr 10)

Day 35 - 30th of April 2020 (and last

A play written by Alex high Gr 10

Drama SCENE 1

Mr Sbiya's house (Mr sbiya is listening radio with her wife)

Sbiya: Hhe nkosikazi uyayibona lekholona izosidida amakhanda.

MaSbiya: Cha baba that's not how we pronounce it,it is corona.

Sbiya:(shouting)ungazobheda umuzi wami lo we can't have two bulls under one shelter kungcono uphumphele la emzini wami.

MaSbiya:Yobe baba i didn't mean to disrespect you kodwa akuyona ikholana yi corona.

(While they are arguing their neighbour came in)

MamThembu:We makhelwane uthi uzwile kodwa kuthiwa ama councillors they are giving food parcels let's rush before kugcwala.

MaSbiya:No im still busy i can't leave my house without a mask.

Sbiya: Mtshele wena nkosikazi we are not allowed to live our home's without a protective gear.

MamThembu:(laughing) hhe nawe nawe Sbiya nawe sewakhuluma isingisi ngipheni nami isamfonyo.



(There is a large number of crowd here in madala hostel where councillors are issuing food parcels)

Madlicash: (Making an announcement)Fellow community members please bare with us, let us practise social distancing if you are not complying with us we will be forced to return with the food parcels.

Spikiri:Aowa kgape ke kgale refihlile you are giving your friends this parcels jwale utlo rebotsa ka social distancing.

MamThembu: Ujwayele vele wena spikiri ukufohla ake uthule sizothola sonke respect is very important my boy.

MaSbiya: Social distance is one of the lockdown rules.

Spikiri: liskatlomputsa bakgekolo i think you should visit the old age.

MamThembu: Go and tell your mother tha she is old mina ngise musha kabi asembe wena makhi sesitholile phela thina.


Radio Station

Mzekekezeke: Five minutes after five welcome to the current affairs i'm Mzekekezeke. As the country is under lockdown because of the pandemic we are joined here in studio by the two essential workers surgent Mdletshe and Dr Xulu. Gentleman's welcome to the show.

Dr Xulu: Hi everyone pls try to comply with the rules as we know that as a country now we about 4793 confirmed case's,247 new case's and 90 patients died.So let's keep on trying social distancing,wash our hands regularly with sope or use sanitizers don't forget to put on masks and gloves

Surgent Mdletshe: We as the law enforcers we have managed to make over 10 000 arrest during this time of lockdown if you are not complying you will be arrested.

Mzekekezeke: Thank you very much you heard them from me and alex fm bye bye.










Writer:Hlanganani Ndlovu

Director: Mfundo Nyoka

Alexandra high school grade 10's

Translation in English

Scene 1

(Mr Sibiya's house)

Sbiya:Hhe Nkosikazi do you see that this kholona will make our mind go crazy ?

MaSibiya:No my baba that's not how we pronounce it, it is corona

Sbiya:(Shouting) Don't mess with me, this is my house and we can't have two bulls under one shelter : it is better if you go out and find your own house

MaSbiya:(Clan name) Baba, i didn't mean to disrespect you but it is not called kholona it is called corona (While they were arguing, their neighbor came in)

MamThembu: Hey Makhelwane, did you hear that the councillors are giving food parcels ? Let's rush before the queue get too long !

MaSbiya:No, I'm still busy and I can't leave my house without mask

Sbiya:Tell her Nkosikazi, we are not allowed to live our homes without a protective gear

MamThembu:(Laughing) Hhe you you, Sibiya, you are able to speak English, give me the mask


Madala Hostel

(There is a large crowd here at Madala Hostel where councillors are issuing food parcels)

Madlicah:(Making an announcement) Fellow community members, please bare with us. Let us practice social distancing. If you are not complying with us we will be forced to return without the food parcels.

Spikiri:Aowa again, it has been a long time that I have been here. Y ou are giving your friends these parcels. Again you are telling us about social distancing

MamThembu: You are used to it Spikiri to jump people while they are standing in a line and all of us will get respect, is very important boy

MaSbiya: Social distancing is one of the lockdown rules

Spikiri:You will never tell me anything, you old ladies. I think you should visit the old age home



Radio Station

Mzekezeke: Five minutes after five, welcome to the current affairs. I'm Mzelezeke. As the country is under lockdown because of the pandemic, we are joined by the two essential workers Sargent Mdletshe and Dr Zulu ; Gentlemen, welcome

Dr Xulu: Hi ! Everyone try to comply with the rules as we know that as a country now we about 47393 comfirmed cases, 247 new cases and 90 patients died. So let's keep on trying to practice social distancing, wash your hand regularly with soap or use sanitizer. Don't forget to put on mask and gloves

Sargent Mdletshe: We, as the law enforcers, we have manage to make over 10 000 arrests. During this time of lockdown if you are not complying you will be arrested

Mzelezeke:Thank you very much. You heard them from me and Alex FM bye bye










Writer:Hlanganani Ndlovu

Director:Mfundo Nyoka

Alexandra High School grade 10's








Day 36 - 1st of May (workers's day)

Level 4 of Lockdown President announced that on the first of May everyone should be wearing a mask when going somewhere and that the lockdown is not over yet we still got to stay home and be safe. But I doubt that people really followed what Mr President said because now kids are playing in streets, people are ambling in streets as a group yes wearing masks 😷 thinking that they are fully protected not knowing that their lives are at risk, especially where I live since the lockdown started they haven't followed the orders from President and since he announced that we will be starting level4 their lives are back to normal to them this sounds as if the corona virus has been defeated and the country is back to normal. By Sanele Moyo Grd10

Day 39 (Monday 4th of May)

South Africa Today, Are we Free?

I woke up one day and nobody was free from walking in the streets with no valid reason. Everyone is Quarantined, isolated, i wish rape, abuse, Gender based violece, the killings of women were also on lockdown...forever. Having no place to run to, you are looking at a monster, somebody you call your father, lover, brother, your uncle is creating scars on you..molesting, hitting you everyday and badly you have no place to run to. Remember church, work, school, the park was the only runaway place but now there are is all shutdown. Are we free? Are women Free? They say we are free but women still live under the oppression of men. Self Quarantine, Staying at home is not as easy as it sounds for some of us, or tough for food lovers, shopaholics,workaholics but to some people it is life threatening, its not so easy to have to stay with somebody who molests you everyday, who hits you every minute. Coronavirus will be a thing of the past but the scars of abused women nor their death...stays forever We are fighting to stop the spread of Coronavirus but let us not forget to also fight GBV #letuslockdownGBV #dontquarantineyourrighttospeakup

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