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  • Phophi Cheryl – Mining engineer at Anglo American 2008 (mentor Valérie Hirsch)

"Valerie exposed me to various universities and different career paths available; arranged meeting with a Mining Engineer. To this day Valerie still shows interest in my career and is more of a family friend. Today I hold a Mining Engineering Degree, currently working for Anglo American Kumba Iron Ore as a Mining Production Supervisor." 

  • Mark Maimane – Master degree in Town Planning -2009 -mentor Thibault Danset.

"I was introduced to a smart, funny and generous mentor, Thibault. He took me to university open days and lunches. He motivated me, grew my knowledge of the real world and assisted me with essentials such as food where it was tough. Till today he is always happy to hear from me. I currently work at the City of Johannesburg Municipality as a Town and Regional Planner and I am also a mentor of Sizanani since 2021.

  • Siphesihle Lolwana –master’s degree in industrial Engineer -2010 – mentor Sebastien Hervieu

"The Mentorship Programme helped one not only with passing your grades but with also the Varsity preparation and exposure.  Then there were all these extramural activities that help in terms of your self-esteem and having goals bigger than getting a job and support your family. I remember in 2011 after getting my grade 12 results, I was thinking of getting a Job at a retail company. My mentor asked me: "Your family survived the last 18 years with you not working, don't you think they can survive the next three years? By then, you would have a qualified job! After that first stop was UJ. I hold a master’s degree in industrial engineering, and I am working at Firmenich."

  • Tshepo Kobe -degree in electrical engineering – 2012 - mentor Halvar Mathiesen

"My mentor was supportive towards my schoolwork and would take me to career expos. His encouragement made me do better at all times. The laptop I received from Sizanani was very helpful during my studies at UJ. From Sizanani, I learnt empathy and that no man is an island. I am currently working for Transnet".

  • Sharlotte Mathenjwa, BA in Language practice -2014 – mentor Arlene Claassen

"Saturday classes and Sizanani changed my life forever. I became more and more confident in myself and academically.  Trips organized by Sizanani allowed me to explore different aspects of life and acquire knowledge about different domain. My mentor Arlene is a wonderful woman and I really admire her. In 2015, I received a new laptop through Sizanani. It meant that I no longer had to stand in long lines and less pressure. I also received transportation allowances from Sizanani, before NSFAS funded me. The list is endless. The program has allowed me to fulfill a lot of my goals, with hard work being key".

  • Buhle Msitwa  - BCOM Financial Accounting -2014 - mentor Gregor Pfeiffer

"St Mary's and Sizanani project helped a lot. Being a learner from a township I was facing a lot of challenges that hindered me to do well in my schoolwork but St Mary's and Sizanani project gave me an opportunity to do well in Maths, Accounting, business studies, economics and English. As a result, I managed to be admitted in university. My mentor was very helpful during application time for university. He taught me about hard working and pursuing my dreams at all costs, he was my true inspiration as he was a hardworking and confident man".

  • Gillian Monyela- Advanced diploma in Transport Management UJ - 2014 - mentor- Adam Sorensen

"Adam helped me with my studies. In grade 12, he got me a tutor to help with Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. Thanks to Sizanani and the St Mary's programme for helping us since we enrolled into the programme and throughout our University studies"


  • Zethu Mbam (2014) degree in IT - mentor Hélène Raison & Arnaud Legrand

"My mentors r played a huge role in helping me see the importance of good grades for when applying for University. I remember after getting my matric results. Helene convinced me to go to an interview at the Belgium Campus IT Varsity. At the time, I didn’t think I would like IT .and now I am a Software Engineer!  I studied through a Bursary from Arcelor Mittal. I did face some challenges while I was still in University and I fell pregnant, but that didn’t stop me from achieving my goals. I am currently working currently working at Raging River in Pretoria and I really enjoy what I do".

  • Sibabalo Ngozi - BCom Accounting graduate – 2015 – mentor Lumka Phala

"The St Mary’s classes helped me improve my marks in school and the Sizanani programme gave me career guidance.  I wanted to pursue a career in accounting, but I did not have a clear idea of which accounting path to take. Sizanani introduced me to my kind, friendly and helpful mentor, Lumka Phala. With her help and the 'careers choice' sessions on Saturdays, I decided to go the Chartered Accountancy route.  In 2019, I was struggling to get registration funding. My mentor and Sizanani came through and rescued me. I am currently doing a postgraduate diploma in accounting".


  • Tintswalo Sweetness Nkuna, BA Humanities in Geography and Anthropology, 2015, mentor Annelyse Booysen

"When our teacher told me that I was accepted to attend the Saturday school programme again in grade 10, this was the day my life changed.  I got introduced to a different type of learning, where I got to learn in a different environment and had more resources than that at my school. My marks began showing improvement bit by bit. I always wanted to see myself on top of the list of the well performing learners and getting awards from this programme actually proved to me that the potential I had would take me somewhere in life. The Sizanani mentorship programme also came to rescue me and my family from worrying about how I would pay my studies. I am currently studying part time BA Environmental Management honours at the University of South Africa".

  • Siyasanga Mtayi, LLB, 2015

"St Mary’s teachers were amazing, they were very good. I. During the first year of Varsity, Sizanani assisted me with top up rent and a monthly allowance from the organization. I also received a laptop and last year, a charger, from Sizanani".

  • Galaletsang Segalagala, advanced diploma in Business Information Technology, 2016, mentor Chanine Klomp

 "Sizanani and my mentor have been the best support system for me during this whole journey".

  • Nomathole Muzikayise, Bachelor’s degree in education, 2016, mentor Solomon Sikhosana

"Help I got from St Mary’s was not just academical, but it gave me exposure and viewed my level of success beyond what I had in mind. As for my mentor, I don’t know where to start : he was the with me from day one until this day and one thing I highly appreciate is that he never judged me, based on what I wanted to be. Most people did it, even friends, but he believed in my vision and goal. My dream is to be one of the greatest teachers and change lives and make a change".


Watch this video created by a Grade 12 learner: VIDEO


You can download below the contacts of some of our graduates and students, who attended St Mary’s classes since 2017. If their phone numbers or emails have changed, please contact us.


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