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What is an extended degree?

If  a programme is 3 years, in an extended degree, you are required to finish it in 4 years. The entrance requirements  are easier. First year will consist of foundation studies to prepare learners for the mainstream. 

How many times can one write an NBT?


Do you write one NBT test for all Universities?

Yes  but only some Universities require you to write NBT tests and often only for some faculties or courses.

If you pass your final Matric exams and fail NBTs do you still qualify? 

You will need to pass the NBT  to qualify.You can write the NBT multiple times, so I would recommend writing it early so you can rewrite if you need to.- Robyn Knowles (Professional)


What can I do if my marks are a bit low for the course I want to do ?

It is better to switch courses when you are already in the University system. It is possible to change your course to your desired one, which you probably would not have qualified for with your high school results when you are already in the University system. For example you can apply for Accounting knowing that you have the right grades and you will be accepted, then switch to another course the following year or semester.

What happens if a certain bursary is paying for your tuition and you decide to change? 

It depends on the bursary. You might lose the bursary but there is NSFAS and other bursaries.

Does the NSFAS bursary pay at a private institution e.g. AFDA?

No, they only pay public institutions.-Thandi Ntobela (Professional)


Will studying abroad be an disadvantage to me in terms of job application when I finish my studies ?

You will need a bursary to study abroad and it is very difficult to get one, especially for undergraduate studies




What is Occupational Therapy?

It helps individuals to achieve independence in all facets of their lives. It refers to the use of assessments and treatment of people with physical, mental or cognitive disorders.

What are the entry requirements?

At the University of Pretoria you need an APS of 30. Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences are not compulsory subjects but it's an advantage to have learned life sciences at school for entry purposes. Entry selections are based on grade 11 reports

How long is the degree?


Do you do practicals if you are studying Occupational Therapy?

Yes we do, UP we start in first year.

For one to be accepted into the faculty of health sciences are they required to write NBTs?

Yes, one needs to write an NBT test. 

Please note that due to the current pandemic, the 2020 matriculants have been exempted from writing NBTs by the following Universities:

Stellenbosch University


Nelson Mandela University



Please note:The University of Pretoria still requires NBTs but the due date to submit the results has been extended to the 19 of September 2020


What other options do you have if you want to study medicine but your marks are not good enough?

For those who want to do medicine and think their marks are not enough. It would be easier if you apply for a Bachelor of Sciences in Biological Sciences. At the University of Pretoria, you can apply for BSc in Biological Sciences then add a few modules which are required for medicine.  You do the BSc in Biological Sciences for the first Semester. The University chooses the top 60 students to transfer to medicine in the Second Semester.

You can also do a BSc general degree. University has many programmes you can do, so do not limit yourself to just medicine.  You will still find yourself working in a hospital.

What are the requirements for a BSc in Biological Sciences?

The requirements vary with each University. For the University of Pretoria you need to get above 70% for Maths and have an average of 75%

Is it easier to get accepted into Medusa as compared to Wits?

All medical schools are the same, and they use the same criteria to accept. It is all dependent on the results of the group you have applied with. That is why sometimes you might be rejected at Medunsa and still are accepted at Wits, or miss Wits and get accepted at UCT, etc.

What is Pharmacy?

Pharmacy/ pharmacology is where medication is prepared accordingly as per required laws and regulations, and sold to people who are prescribed by doctors and those who self-medicate.

How long do you study Pharmacy for?

4years of study and a year of community service

Are pharmacists the people who create medicines?

It depends on what you want to specialize in Manufacturing or distribution

What are the requirements for Pharmacy?

Mathematics 60%, Life Sciences 60% and English 60%


Which results are important to be accepted into the Health faculty, grade 11 or final Matric results?

We always do our provisional decision-making based on Grade 11 results and then when we receive the Matric results we confirm those provisional decisions into final ones. If someone was rejected based on their grade 11 results and they improve significantly then we may reinstate the application for reconsideration. We will most likely not admit students into Medicine with an average marks lower than 90% - Wits Faculty of Health Officer in Charge of Admission.


What are the requirements for Geology/Environmental Management? 

At Wits, a Bachelor of Sciences in the field of Geological Sciences, requires a 40+ APS score.If your APS is 38-39 points, you will be wait-listed, subject to place availability. Therefore, it is advisable that you work on exceeding the minimum requirements - Modiba Katlego (Student)


If you meet the required APS but your maths mark is low what are the chances of being accepted?  

Maths is a requirement, level 5, even if your APS is over 40 but Maths is low, you will not be  accepted-Modiba Katlego (Student)


If a learner is interested in Maritime Studies, What route of study can they take? 

They can study a Bachelor of Sciences in the field of Biological Sciences, then choose Biodiversity as a major in second year-Modiba Katlego (Student)


What are the subjects required for a Bachelor of Science degree?


Physical sciences 

Life sciences and extra subject that goes with the stream

And your English and Life orientation are also important- Carol Kgaditoe (Professionals)


Which pass level do you need for the subjects to be accepted to study a Bachelor of Science?   

Level 5 upwards to guarantee you acceptance-Modiba Katlego (Student)


Is this for all the subjects or just the required ones? 

Science faculty in Universities, require an APS score of  over 38 and over 40 at Wits. So all your marks have to be good to get such an APS. All subjects contribute to your points, your overall grades have to be good-Modiba Katlego (Student)



What do you learn in Analytical Chemistry ?

Analytical chemistry studies instruments and methods used to separate, identify and quantify matter. Separation isolates analytes. Qualitative analysis identifies analytes, while quantitative analysis determines the numerical amount or concentration. 

In Analytical chemistry  major in the following modules:

•Analytical chemistry (Practical, Theory and Instrumental)

•Physical chemistry 

•Organic chemistry (Theory and Practical)

•polymer chemistry 

•Inorganic chemistry

•Chemical Quality Assurance 

•Engineering Mathematics (Calculus for only 1st and second year)

•Engineering physics (for 1st and second year also)-Asenathi Mtyenene (Student)

What is Management Services ?

It aims to improve all sorts of businesses (both goods and services’ production) focusing on factors such as productivity, work environment etc., using mathematical or  engineering techniques. The course can be converted into industrial engineering and other courses. It involves a lot of mathematics and the most fantastic part about it is that you can actually apply it in your everyday life. Jude Mbedzi (Student)

What is Industrial Engineering ?

It is the optimization of complex processes, systems, or organizations by developing, improving and implementing integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy and materials. Industrial Engineers use knowledge in Mathematical, Physical, and Social Sciences, together with methods of Engineering analysis and design, to specify, predict, and evaluate the results obtained from systems and processes. From these results, they are able to create new processes for the coordination of labor, materials and machines and improve the quality and productivity of systems. Depending on specialties, Industrial Engineering may also overlap with operations research, systems engineering, manufacturing engineering, production engineering, supply chain engineering, management science, management engineering, financial engineering, ergonomics or human factors engineering, safety engineering, or others- Sanelisiwe Dlepu (Student)

What is Electrical Engineering?

It is the study, design and application of equipment, devices and systems, which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Here are some specializations under Electrical Engineering:Systems Engineering -Power Engineering-Electromagnetic Engineering -Control Engineering.-Electronic Engineering. 

At Wits, Electrical Engineering is divided into Information Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Information Engineering deals with software, encryption of information, telecommunications, data hiding, designing of applications and softwares. For example, companies like Sentech, Vodacom make use of Information Engineering- Munyai Dembe (Student)

Electrical engineering is very broad and your future job will depend on the company you are working for :Electronics -Power generation -Electronic warfare -Electromagnetism control.  -Power systems etc. (Yvonne motsoko)

What is Civil Engineering?

It deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings and railways

The curriculum includes modules such as physics, mathematics, project management, and design, drawing and specific topics in civil engineering. An undergraduate degree (Beng/BSc) normally provides successful students with industry accredited qualification.-Brilliant Mathebula (Student)

What is Mechanical Engineering?

It is not the same as a mechanic. Mechanical engineers solve problems. They mainly design mechanical systems and oversee the manufacturing process. It could be either to create something new but mostly it is to improve on existing designs. Designing, mathematics, physics and study of materials are essential.

Mechanical Engineering applies scientific principles to design, develop, construct, install, operate, and maintain engines, energy harnessing equipment, and machines in all industries. Mechanical engineers work in the most important sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, mining, power generation, and transportation.- Zipho Mameni (Student)

Some career opportunities with a BScEng/BEng (mechanical) degree :Energy Engineer -Mechanical Design and Development Engineer -Manufacturing Engineer -Systems Engineer -Production Engineer -Technical Marketing Manager -Transport Engineer-Zipho Mameni (Student)

How long does it take to study industrial engineering and which subjects are required for this course? 

UJ :It takes 3 years, it requires physics 60%, maths 60% and English 60% but you can recheck the prospectus. APS should be above 30. Dlepu Sanelisiwe (Student)

At UP/UCT/Wits, at least 70 % and above for Maths Science and English would be good. An APS above 40 would do- Munyai Dembe (Student)

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering takes 4 years full-time course. The first two years of study are common to the three branches taught at Wits (Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering). From the third year, the curriculum focuses more on specific Industrial Engineering theories, principles and tools.

Wits has a strong history of collaboration with industry and other excellent institutions. This enables students to tackle projects within industry from the third year onwards. In final year, the second half of the year is dedicated to project work (design and research). These projects are often industry-related whilst others are at the forefront of the School's research, and frequently lead on to postgraduate study. The APS score at Wits is a bit more -42. But the individual subject requirements are the same as UJ's.-Zipho Memani (Student)

Is it still advisable to study electrical engineering, considering Eskom's problems?

Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering has many opportunities in different companies, examples are Railway, Telecommunications, Airlines, Mining, Motor companies etc. Eskom is currently resolving its problems, they are building new plants and maintaining their plants to ensure electricity supply.-Yvonne Matsoko (Professional)

Is Electrical Engineering in higher demand as compared to Chemical, Mechanical?

Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial and Civil Engineering are normally in demand in Industry. I cannot say which is higher at the moment, the trend always changes depending on the economy and industry needs.-Yvonne Matsoko (Professional)

Where is the best place to go to when you want to study electrical engineering college or university?

If you go to a University of technology, you become an Electrical Engineering Technologist. If you go to a college, you will become an Electrician. You need to make a choice. University will give you more theory to be able to design innovations and find solutions. With colleges, it’s more of using what's already available-Munyai Dembe-(Student)

How do you become a Biomedical Engineer? 

Only UCT and Wits offer these degrees. It's a 3 years programme. The problem is that you will have to go abroad to do postgrad (honours and Master's.).With your degree, it is hard to find employment. South Africa does not offer much on it. The only company you can work for, so far is CSIR. - Munyai Dembe (Student)

Can a Biomedical Engineer become a doctor? 

Yes, it is possible. If you go to Wits you have three options after your 3 years degree. Electrical engineering, Information engineering or medicine. But it is hard to qualify to continue with medicine. - Munyai Dembe-(Student)



What personality traits do you need to pursue a career in Computer Science?

Developers tend to be  introverts and  very smart. Think of where the world is going: having technical skills like Computer Science is good but having a combination of technical skills and business skills/ understanding user experience/softer skills is necessary. Developers these days tend to have a combination of coding and user experience-Reeme Bohloa (Professional)

I recommend majoring in Computer Science and another subject in the Commerce/Economics field,  as it will teach you people's skills and social skills. Most Developers  know how to code but they do not consider future changes in industries. Having more than one skill set will prepare you for future changes within the industry Thulani Thobakgale (student)

Do they teach  coding in University?

You are taught everything from the beginning Thulani Thobakgale (student)

Do  universities offer Computer Sciences combined with other subjects?

Yes, many of them do. The options vary with each institution-Thulani Thobakgale (student)

When I research ICT there are various types of ICT. I would like  to know which field will be more suitable for someone who likes helping and creating solutions with tech inside ICT?

Most IT skills can be applied to create solutions, even for social development. Try to learn as many skills as possible in University and naturally whatever you are good at will peak your interest. You will be exposed to multiple skills. Do not worry about specializing at this point; you can make that decision after 1st year or later on- Mfundo Magweni (Professional)

I get worried sometimes because I use an app robozzle game and I got from level one and got stuck and I don't know what to do and I started to question that maybe this is not the right study choice for me.

I'm a Software Engineer by profession. Sometimes you may think this is not for you or you may think you're not smart enough, don't worry every Software Developer feels like that from time to time, even if they have years of experience. It's like  Maths, sometimes you feel like it's not for you up until you solve one problem then suddenly everything makes sense.- Martin Mashotola (Profesional)





What career options do I have if I study a Bcom general degree?


Cost accountant


Internal Auditor

Tax Consultant

Economic Analyst



Financial Manager

Financial Consultant

Investment Advisor


Is it possible to pursue a career in finance while doing Maths lit ?

Yes, but you would probably be admitted to an extended degree. Instead of doing a 3 yr you will do a 4yr degree- Lindoh Ndlovu ( Student)

In order to qualify to study BCom finance what is required in terms of my marks?

Minimum requirements

APS score :25 with maths or 28 with Maths lit



Maths lit:70%-Lindoh Ndlovu ( Student)


What modules do you do in finance?

First year: Accounting, Business Management, Commercial law, Mathematics, Economics- Lindoh Ndlovu


If you want to be an Auditor, should you study Bcom or not?

You should do Bcom in accounting- Lindoh Ndlovu 

For somebody  keen to study Finance, but  currently doing Sciences, would you advise me to apply for an extended degree ?

You should go for extended because they actually start with everything from scratch and there is not a lot of work to do. You will just do three or four majors. So you won't get overwhelmed with work- Karabo Dipholo (Student)

If you want to be an auditor, what should you study ? 

Bcom in Accounting-Lindoh Ndlovu 

If you study at CPUT, you can do a Diploma in Accountancy- Karabo Dipholo (Student)


What is interesting about a career in Finance? 

I am a CFO at an international bank and what makes my career interesting is that I constantly have to know what is going on in the economy. I have to keep up with various finance trends, work with different people from different backgrounds. I have daily challenges with new business or redesigning old processes- Abigail Brooks (Professional)

What have been your experiences as a woman in the Finance industry?

It is hard as a woman stepping into some boardrooms that are male dominated. However, things are changing slowly and women are becoming more prominent. With women, we are seen as aggressive or sensitive if we act in exactly the same way as men, so the same yardstick does not measure us and it is hard.


What are the careers that are on Management logistics?

Transport planner -Supply chain consultant -Logistics Manager- Buhle Mthethwa (Student)

Freight forwarding, Fleet Management or Procurement. You can work in different industries as a specialist in Supply Chain or Logistics - Gillian Monyela (Student)


What technology do you use in Logistics?

It depends on the work you will be doing, for example, fleet controllers use the trackers alongside satellite to monitor the movement of their fleet and receiving clerks use barcode scanners to keep track of the merchandise received and to keep track of dispatches.-Yvette (student)


In freight forwarding, you use airship or any apps like ship shape to register shipments and create visibility until the shipment is delivered and invoiced. It depends on the type of app or software the company is using -Gillian Monyela (Student).


What is LTL?

In Freight forwarding, we have LCL, which means Less Container Load, that means your shipment was not shipped as a full container load and had to be consolidated (mixed) with other shipments.-Gillian Monyela (Student)


Is there different position a person can work in the Logistic industry?

There are dozens of positions to work in, and every company has a Supply Chain department-Yvette (Student)


What is the link between Logistics and Operations Management?

Logistics is about the movement and storage of goods and Operations Management is more about the production of goods from input to output-Mosima Masegela (Student).

What are Construction Managers and where do they work?

Construction Managers work closely with Quantity Surveyors except QS's manage the funds while Managers manage the construction site- Anathi Mkhuzo (Student)


What are the requirements for studying Construction Management? 

Construction Management is under Built Environment. At NMU, APS is only 28/29 points, at UJ,  28. 

Physics is an advantage but it is not a requirement. If you are doing accounting, you stand a good chance of being admitted- Anathi Mkhuzo (Student)



What's the coolest thing about studying law?

Law looks very cool from a distance but many people struggle to graduate on time. It requires a lot of dedication and focus. - Hope Kuape (Student)


A Law degree is very demanding; the amount of work is a lot! Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep up.  Siyasanga Mtayi (Student)


What is the difference between Bcom law, BA (law ) and LLB?

Bcom law is a mixture of law with commercial modules like your accounting, business and economics. You could become a legal advisor in a company. Most Bcom law graduates go into corporate. Hope Kuape( Student)


LLB is a 4-year degree.  You can become an advocate, attorney, judge  or any profession in the legal field. It enables you to do so much more. 


BA law is a 3 years degree. You  cannot become an advocate. You will be limited to being a legal advisor or researcher for instance- Ayanda Maligna (student)


For how long will you do Maths? 

If you do  Bcom law you will do statistics, which  involves Maths- Hope Kuape


Is it easy to get a job in the law industry?

There is a very low rate of unemployed for law graduates-The big 5 law Firms are ENS Africa, Werksmans, Bowmans ,Cleffe and Derk.  You shouldn’t aim for working with Scorpion, it’s not worth it.- Ayanda 

With an LLB can you establish your own law firm? 

With an LLB degree you are just a lawyer, you are not experienced, you will need to do your articles and get the necessary experience then maybe you can establish your law firm- Ayanda (Student)


Side note: during interviews for articles of clerkship, the law firms do not like to hear that one day you would love to have a law firm. To them it is as if you are potential competition. So never, bring it up.-Ayanda (Student)


You have to develop a clientele before you become an independent lawyer. -Hope Kuape


What is an article for clerkship?

When serving articles, you work under the supervision of an experienced attorney. The attorney exposes the candidate attorney to the  practice of law.-Siyasanga Mtayi 



I am interested in acting, directing, radio and Television broadcasting. Where can I study? 

There are excellent institutions that offer courses related to Broadcasting. Afda is an excellent private institution. Wits, TUT and Rhodes are public institutions who  have great programmers. - Thandi Ntobela (Professional)

Does UJ offer Media Studies? 

UJ offers a diploma in public relations and communication and a BA degree, which includes journalism and communication (Valérie, Sizanani)


I would like to ask, what are the requirements for one to get into Broadcasting and how long does it take to study Broadcast?

It’s a 3 to 4 years University degree. But you can get work experience at local radio and TV stations as that always helps.- Emily (Professional)


I am interested in Broadcast, Directing and Sound Designing, will I be able to do all 3 at once? 

In 1st and 2nd year, you are normally taught all there is to know about the media industry, law, composition/functions of newsrooms (both print and broadcast).


 3rd and 4th year, you can specialize - television or radio- this will include Directing and Sound Engineering. This is the broad scope but the design of your programme will depend on the institution you choose to study at-Thandi Ntobela (Professional)


Can I also do Animation with Broadcast? 

Not in a Broadcasting programme. The closest you will get is photoshop and video editing. You will have  to either study it as a mid-year course which is separate from your degree- or go to a private institution.A decent short course should be 6 to 18 months.Thandi Ntobela

What is Public Relations and Communications, what does it actually deal with?

It is about assisting an organization, company or person to achieve a favorable image. An image that is appreciated by the public. A PRP ensures that all communication sent through the public is not offensive, racist, or false etc. If that happens, it is a duty of a PRP to ensure that the organization regains trust of the public, ensuring that they buy again the product so that it doesn't  lose business or credibility -Yonela Vikwa (Graduate)


Is Public Relations like advertising?

There are people who are responsible for advertising but we work closely with them to ensure that every communication (adverts) sent are  in line with the company's culture and that it is not offensive. However you  are also qualified to do advertising.-Yonela Vikwa (Graduate)


What are the minimum requirements for Public Relations and Communication ? 

The requirements differ for each University or College-Yonela Vikwa

A Diploma in Public Relation and Communication is 24 APS and it requires at least 50% English-Aphiwe Nongqoto


How many modules does PR and Communications have ?

It differs every year. First year, each semester has 4 and 1-year modules, Second year has 3 in each semester and 1year module. - Yonela Vikwa (Graduate)


Are there still jobs available in Public Relations? 

There are plenty of jobs in Public Relations. As long as there are organizations and public figures, there is still work to do. The main role of a PR is to protect the image of an organization or a public figure-Yonela Vikwa (Graduate)


What are the challenges faced in finding a job in the Media Industry  in South Africa?

There are not a lot of opportunities, especially for inexperienced graduates. The application platforms are not accessible to everyone. When one is looking for a job, they do not know where to start looking or if it is okay to walk into the company and ask for the HR manager. Any graduate that lands a good job is considered “lucky”. However, you need to be good at what you do and have passion for it. I would suggest joining NPOs for some experience. A lot of them expose you to a variety of companies and make as many contacts as you can-Yonela Vikwa (Graduate)




What inspired you to study Politics ?

I'm very curious and I wanted to know more about how South African governance is like on a daily basis and how public policy is being implemented- Lingani Zodwa (student)


Does law classify as a career in Politics?

No it doesn't- Lingani Zodwa (student)


What are the careers in Politics?

There are so many other careers you could follow : politician, journalist, Gender Activist, be in the diplomatic services just to mention a few- Lingani Zodwa 

You can work in Research units attached to universities, market research companies and government departments


Institutions offering Political studies 

Cornerstone Institute

Nelson Mandela University

North-West University

Pearson Institute of Higher Education

Rhodes University

Sol Plaatjies University

South African College of Applied Psychology

St. Augustine College of South Africa

University of Cape Town

University of Fort Hare

University of Johannesburg

University of KwaZulu-Natal

University of Pretoria

University of South Africa

University of Stellenbosch

University of the Witwatersrand

 Bursaries for Postgraduate studies 

University of Cambridge Scholarship for students from African countries (post-graduate students)





What is the Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme?

The Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme is a multi-year programme to promote teaching as a profession. Bursaries are available to enable selected students to complete a teaching qualification in identified areas of priority. Recipients of these bursaries will be required to teach at a public school for the same number of years that they received the bursary.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any academically gifted, young –learners, currently in Grade 12; graduates who want to complete a teaching qualification (enrol for a PGCE); people who want to make a career change and become teachers; and unemployed people who want to become teachers.

How does a student apply?

Prospective bursars must first gain admission at a higher education institution (HEI). Applications may be submitted online at .

Where can prospective students find out more about the bursary programme?

Information on the Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme is accessed from

Student Financial Aid offices will give details of financial matters, service obligations, etc. Staff in the Faculty or School of Education will provide information on teaching as a profession, academic programmes and an individual's eligibility for admission.

How does an institution determine whether a student’s academic programme complies with the priority areas selection criterion?

The bursary programme is designed to boost recruitment into teaching, especially in priority areas. In most cases, Faculty or School of Education staff will be able to determine the fit between a student's programme and the teaching priorities.

The staff will also have to be guided by the Funza Lushaka Policy to determine the fit between a student's programme and the teaching priorities.

What are the priority areas?

Foundation Phase (i.e. Grades R-3):) Foundation Phase (with preference for African Languages ).

Intermediate and Senior Phase (i.e. Grades 4-9): Preference will be given for a teaching major in TWO of the following: Languages, Mathematics, and Natural Science & Technology

FET phase (i.e. Grades 10-12): Preference will be given for a teaching major in TWO of the following: Accounting; Agricultural Sciences; Agricultural Technology; Civil Technology; Computer Applications

Technology; Economics; Electrical Technology; Engineering Graphics and Design; Geography; Information

Technology; Life Sciences; Mathematics; Mechanical Technology; Physical Sciences, Languages, Technical

Mathematics and Technical Science.

What programmes will be funded?

Bachelor of Education (BEd); Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE);

Are there official quotas for the distribution of bursaries by programme, year of study or priority area?

Yes, the distribution by programme will be determined by the Department of Basic Education depending on identified areas priorities.

Are first-year students eligible?

Yes, first-year students in the appropriate programmes are eligible for the bursary.

Are Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) students eligible?

No. Bursaries are available only to unqualified, initial teacher education students.

Are distance education and part-time students eligible for a bursary?

Yes, provided they are eligible in all other respects.

What selection criteria should be applied?

The criteria applied by an institution selection committee must be clear, empirically based, transparent, publishable and must include the following:

The bursary is only awarded to South African citizens with a valid South African ID number.

Bursary applicants must already have been accepted into a either BEd or PGCE qualification at an accredited public University.

The applicant must also meet the national selection criteria for the Funza Lushaka bursary.

The bursary will only be awarded if two of the priority area subjects are included as a specialisation in the teaching qualification.

The applicant should demonstrate good academic ability.

The applicant must show commitment to a teaching career, which includes: interest in working with young people; enthusiasm for a professional career in teaching; readiness to face and surmount difficult challenges and personal integrity.

Please note that you are responsible for paying your registration fee, awaiting the outcome of the bursary application.

Will late applications be considered?

No, late applications for a bursary will not be considered.

Are HEIs being allocated a specific number of bursaries or a specific allocation of funds for bursaries?

Institutions receive funds, not bursaries. Each institution will pay out bursary funds for the programme in accordance with its own cost structure.


How much is a Funza Lushaka bursary worth?

Institutions have different cost structures, so the total value of a bursary differs from institution to institution.

What does the bursary cover?

Expenses may include tuition, accommodation including meals, books and learning materials, and if possible a small allowance for monthly living expenses The allocation to any individual student is capped at a specific value.

May a student accept a bursary for fewer than the number of years required to complete a programme?

Yes. However, the student would have to avail himself/herself for placement immediately after qualifying.

Can a student accept less per annum than the total amount on offer?

Yes. However, the recipient’s service obligations remain a full year of service for every year for which he/she has received a bursary.

Can a student who has another bursary receive a Funza Lushaka bursary?

The student may consider forfeiting the other bursary in order to receive a full-cost Funza Lushaka bursary.

Alternatively if the terms and conditions of the other bursary permit, the student could retain that bursary, provided the conditions for placement on completion of studies as per Funza Lushaka bursary takes priority.

Can a student receive a bursary for an extra year of study?

The bursary period will be extended to cover one additional year in a degree programme or the time required for completion of one additional course in the PGCE programme. Only one such extension will be granted.

Funding for an additional year of study (i.e. 5th year) is not automatic and will be considered on a case by case basis. In cases where support is provided for an additional year, the service obligation for the student is extended by a year. Any additional time required will be at the recipient’s own cost.

Who pays for costs incurred over and above the allocated bursary amount?

The student.

 Is the bursary renewable?

Yes, the bursary is awarded for one academic year at a time; and upon proof of academic success the bursary may be renewed each year until the recipient of the bursary has qualified as a teacher.

How will a student's accomodation and living expenditure be paid?

In accordance with the institution's normal practice with NSFAS awards.

Service agreement

Must the recipient of a bursary receive a copy of the service agreement?

Yes. The agreement must be explained to the before he/she signs it,and a signed copy must then be

given to the recipient.


For how many years will the recipient of a bursary be required to teach?

Recipients of bursaries will be required to teach one year for every year for which they have received a

bursary. Each year of service shall repay one full-time year of bursary-assisted studies.


If a student migrates from an NSFAS loan to a Funza Lushaka bursary.Does the NSFAS loan become part of the service contract?

No. The NSFAS loan and the bursary have different conditions.

Must the bursary be repaid?

The bursary must be repaid only if the recipient fails to qualify

Registers for a course of study that is not in a designated priority area

Fails to apply for a teaching post with a PED at a public school, following the stipulated processes

Fails to take up a teaching post with a PED at a public school

Leaves a teaching post with a PED before the end of the contracted service period; or otherwise fails to meet a requirement of the bursary agreement.


How much must be repaid?

The recipient will be required to repay the full amount of the bursary received in terms of the programme, with accrued interest.

Will interest have to be paid on the amount owing?

Yes. Interest shall be compounded monthly at the rate of interest determined by NSFAS from time to time.

Who determines the placement of newly qualified teachers in terms of the programme?

Qualified recipients of bursaries will be placed by the PEDs to teach in a public school. Offers of employment will be made, subject to the Employment of Educators Act, 1998, and the South African Schools Act, 1996, as amended.

Are Funza Lushaka bursary recipients eligible for school governing body (SGB) posts at public schools?

No. A bursar may only accept a school governing body (SGB) post after the bursar has fulfilled his/her contractual obligations to a PED.


Are Funza Lushaka bursary recipients able to take a "gap year" or proceed to complete further studies immediately after qualifying?

No. Students are required to accept a teaching post immediately after qualifying – an extension will not be granted to a qualifying student.

Are foreign students eligible for a Funza Lushaka bursary?

No, NSFAS will not enter into a contract with a foreign student or a student that holds a temporary resident permit.

How the phases work.

Senior phase you select 2 subjects to major in. Natural Science or life orientation have their own pack they can't be separated from eg you can't take Natural Science and home language unless you extend your degree. 

Senior and FET meaning you can teach grade 4 to 12 you need t 3 major subjects  you want to teach. Of the 3 subjects one of them must be a senior phase subject. For example you can choose Maths Geography and History, as you can teach Maths in senior phase.  You can't choose History, Geography and Physics as  all are FET subjects -Nomathole Muzikayise (student)

Please note that the APS is not the same for all institutions, they vary- Jack Herman (Professional)

Since most schools want teachers with experience  how sure are we that we will be hired after studying?

We always have teachers who are retiring and being promoted. There is always a vacancy for new teachers as we actually have a shortage of teachers with new schools are being established every year.- Andrew Murerwa (Professional)

If you are learning to be a senior phase teacher, are your practicals only  from grade 4-9?

Yes-Nomathole Muzikayise (student)

First year who want to apply at UKZN must do it on this page: actually for UKZN, try this:




What would you advise to a learner who wants to pursue Psychology as a career?

Remember that you will hold secrets all the time that you cannot share with anyone. You have to be able to put aside your own opinions and beliefs to work with your client in their reality. You will have to help people that you fundamentally disagree with. You will hear things that traumatize you. My advice is to be prepared and be strong; it is a career that will absorb you. If you work hard, you can see people make amazing progress, but you have to be strong because not everyone you help will make it. If you cannot manage that, do not do it. - Robyn Knowles (professional)

Info on wits studies in Psychology

UP page -


watch the video on that page : Dr Lizelle de Wee talks about the road to becoming a Psychologist

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Clinical psychologist.

Counselling psychologist.

Educational psychologist.

Forensic psychologist.

Further education teacher.

Health psychologist.

High intensity therapist.

Occupational psychologist.

More items…

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