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My name is Mokakatla Stephen Masekela and I have always considered myself to be a rebel of sorts—I couldn’t be the Scientist or Mathematician my family wished I could become. I am not a fan or believer of regular 9-5 day jobs, hence always yearning for more intellectual and creative fulfillment. I’m never, ever satisfied with the status quo.

Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my disruptive nature. Impatiently devouring knowledge while working across companies and functions enabled me to birth my own ventures. My belief that there is a better way to integrate work and play motivates me to share my philosophy with others through speaking, workshop facilitation and digital communities explicitly targeting the Youth from Kindergarten. My passion for innovative education, diversity, building in public, collaboration and progress lights a fire beneath everything I do.

Today, I am a NOC Engineer and Part of the Content distribution (ML) team at Sterkinekor. Being exposed to new, crude and inspirational global content and ideas everyday guided me to remain humble, whilst motivating me to cultivate authentic communities/platforms through inclusive collaboration while doing voluntary mentorship at the knowledge trust and a proud member of Sizanani Mentorship program. Furthermore upon the discovery of Geekulcha, my ardent advocacy to innovative education was revived with hope that the young and technology enthusiast will find a home, I cherish and back every project they initiate.

I’m in a process of building a vibrant platform comprised of delightful community products using data and empathy launching early 2021 and created a Robotics team of 20+ student to participate on 2021 FIRSTInspire Robotics Challenge. In the past, I’ve orchestrated programs with Enignet_0111 NPO were I am also a C0-founder with a mission to reinvent the way talent and skills are fostered, reinforcing a need for cultural shift and making clear that everyone has the innate potential to be creative regardless of any artificial barriers. In my spare time I iterate on Code and NoCode products for various digital markets in search of solutions for African based problems, and doing my 2nd year of Bachelors of Arts in Computer Generated Multimedia at Unisa.

Mokakatla Masekela

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