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The African Leadership Academy is an International boarding school in Randburg. It provides excellent teaching for learners aged between 16 and 19 from 36 African countries, who have at least completed Grade 10. The internationally recognized curriculum gives you access to the world's finest universities (mainly in USA).

The studies focus on leadership development, entrepreneurial training African issues. The school has only 200 students and classes are small (about 12 students).

The studies start in September. To get a full bursary, you must apply before the end of May at admissions@africanleadershipacademy.org011 252 6190. You need good marks, to show leadership skills, problem solving skills and you must have done volunteer work.



A Bursary pays for University tuition fees and sometimes for accommodation, transport, books, computer and other expenses.  You do not need to pay it back. However there are often conditions attached to bursaries (contrary to "scholarships”), such as working for the department/company who funded the bursary after you have completed your studies.

You need to have very good results (above 65 %) and pass an interview.  Apply for a bursary as soon as possible. Some close in May.

Government  bursaries


Private companies' bursaries 


These are mostly aimed at engineering or commerce studies. They sometimes provide students with paid vacation work and career-building schemes.

The following two organisations manage bursaries from various companies for Engineering, Commerce and Sciences faculties (and teaching postgraduate) studies and even some TVET colleges:


Bursaries for financially disadvantaged students


Some bursaries target top learners from disadvantaged families. For instance, many private colleges offer bursaries (see page "private schools").



2022-2023 bursaries 




A scholarship is a bursary without any condition attached (no obligation to work).


  • Allan Gray Orbis Foundation funds scholarships for Grade 12 with a minimum of B average  for Grade 11 results and minimum C in Maths and first year students with an average of 65 % for June. Covers degrees in Engineering, Law and Humanities (majoring in Politics, Economics or Philosophy), Science (excluding Medicine) or Commerce -

  • The Vincent Tshabalala Trust Fund and The Gauteng City Region Academy award scholarships to top matric learners of Alexandra. in 2020, the Vicent Tshabalala  bursary was on top of the fees,  R32 000 for accomodation, 12.000 for living allowance, 6000 for books. Learners loose thier bursary if they have to repeat a year.


List of bursary websites


  • You can apply for a bursary on (a crowdfunding platform).

  • You can get information at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, in Newton (Monday to Friday: 8am-5pm - Saturday: 9am-13pm). They can help you to fill bursary applications. Ask to read “The Bursary Register”, a booklet which contains very useful information.


  1. Make sure that you meet all requirements.

  2. Upload all requested documents (payslips, results, etc). All photocopies need to be certified at a police station.

  3. Answer all questions and always tell the truth. Don’t leave out any information or you might be disqualified!

  4. Write neatly and clearly on your form. Write full sentences; check all spelling and grammar errors.

  5. Don’t tell a long, sad story about your family circumstances – rather show that you can rise above them and have a clear career plan! Explain briefly why you need a bursary: for instance, “I cannot afford to pay the tuition fees as my parents are unemployed. However, I achieve well at school and believe I have what it takes to complete a degree in chemistry and to become a good scientist”.

  6. Your good marks at school are not the only thing that matters but also your determination, dedication, sense of responsibility, communication skills, your leadership qualities, volunteer work, cultural and sport achievements: mention anything that makes you stand out ! Use your own words, be sincere and let your personality and your voice shine through!

  7. Ask teachers, sport coaches, religious leaders, etc., to write a recommendation letter, explaining what you have achieved;

  8. Ask a teacher, mentor or adult to check your application and that you have provided all information requested and filled in all the fields.


Remember! Selectors receive hundreds of applications. Yours should be the neatest, cleanest and most impressive!

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4. Important Tips When You Apply
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